Material: Natural vs. Synthetic

Coats made of Toscana sheepskin use a natural animal hide in creating the outer shell. When comparing a natural hide against the synthetic fabrics used to create other styles of winter coats, the natural leather excels at keeping the body warm. Most coats made with synthetic fabrics need to add a layer of batting between the inner and outer shell to create some type of insulation. This additional batting creates a bulky appearance for the coat, which does not flatter the shape of a woman.

The leather coats, have their own insulation, which is found in the form of the natural fleece inner lining. Even though the lining can be a thick pile or luxurious fur, the line of the garment will not appear bulky on the outside. This allows women to wear the leather winter coat with formal gowns and still feel feminine.

Durability and Style

The Toscana coats for women offer products designed for durability while being made with style. Most synthetically made coats are not designed to be durable, because the fibres are threads which can catch and tear. In contrast, natural leather has no threads so it will never catch on items and is virtually impossible to tear. The coats created with the smooth grain surface of leather are also stain resistant so they will never look dirty or unattractive the way artificial fibres can.

Even with all of the practical reasons to choose a coat made of Toscana leather over one made with synthetic fibres, most women choose these coats because of their stylish appearance. The sleek design of the leather is created to flatter a woman’s curves so she feels attractive while wearing her warm winter coat. The addition of decorative trim around the cuffs, front flaps and collar enhance the feminine appeal. This trim is often made with real fur in colours dyed to match the rest of the coat. Pile or fleece can also be found as trim, which also adds to the overall design of the garment.

When it comes to choosing a stylish and warm winter coat, the line of Toscana coats wins hands down over any synthetic versions.