For those who correlate sheepskin coats with Dell Boy and Rodney, 1970s football managers and dodgy market traders, reconsider. Yes, in the 1970s, '80s and '90s the sheepskin coat was a style nightmare. It was heavy, thick, uncomfortable, sometimes smelly... and the styling left a good deal to be desired. It weighed a lot when wet. Plus it made you look like your granny or granddad.

Fortunately today's sheepskin jackets are a completely different story. An object of desire. Essential for any self-respecting fashionista or style enthusiast. Top of your list for the very best in vogue for winter and spring 2011. The sheepskin jacket has made a comeback. And it really is back with a vengeance!

Keep in mind that sheepskin garments can differ greatly on quality and fit. So far as quality is concerned, you get what you pay for. If it looks to good to be true, in all probability it is. In the bad old days the traditional sheepskin gained a terrible reputation for tackiness. But today's new generation sheepskin jackets are really a dream to put on as well as a pleasure to wear. There's no more second hand car dealer looks. Instead there's a variety of finest quality, luxuriously soft, featherweight jackets readily available in a fantastic range of colours and designs.

These designs range from the classic long button jacket, given a brand new new twist for 2011, through to incredibly stunning and chic long-haired Toscana lambskin jackets, waistcoats and sheepskin gilets. Toscana lambskin stands out as a the complete antithesis of traditional sheepskin. The Toscana lamb's beautiful long, soft, fur-like wool is completely different from the thick, chunky, tough sheepskin of the past.

Among this season's most popular is the impressive Toscana lambskin hooded coat. Retailing for an eye-watering amount of money in the shops, a little bit of of judicious searching can get you a classic that'll last a lifetime at under £700 online.

Toscana might be lightweight however it is just as warm as ordinary lambswool or sheepskin, or even warmer, as the fur's natural composition holds in warmth incredibly efficiently. Furthermore, Toscana wool's characteristic contrasting colour tones create a unique and very gorgeous high-end designer look. Ideal for spring, winter and autumn, it's ageless and glamorous, the pick of the bunch for casual chic every year. As the TV adverts say, 'you're worth it'!

For men there is a considerable choice of warm, sturdy, stylish sheepskin jacket solutions made to catch the eye that will create a great look, whether you're eighteen or eighty.

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